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Forum:  October 23  – –  Topic:  The Future of Television

For discussion: Topic:    Television was once the premier medium of communications and entertainment – now the television-set-as -center-of-the-living-room tradition is long gone, and delivery of content is rivaled by the Internet and online services provided by NetFlix, Hulu and even the networks and other content providers themselves.  Things are changing – radically and quickly.  It is more important than ever – and more ephemeral as a “product” than ever.

So what is The Future of Television?  The series of articles linked here are from Wired magazine.  Does TV have a future?  Beyond the content, and the technology, what business model can emerge to support the continued creation of the products that we anticipate and strive for?  The medium has experienced many changes over the years – and more changes are inevitable.

If you want to get a taste of the origins and history of television, keep in mind the unique Early Television Museum in Hilliard.  Limited hours, but a fascinating and thorough look at the earliest roots of the technology.  If you haven’t explored this subject before, you may be have some surprises in store.  Modest admission charge.

We look forward to seeing you and pursuing a unique discussion at this meeting of the Columbus Futurists!


New Futuring Resource:

The field of “big data”  is fascinating because it not only involves some of the newest of new technologies, but also promises to be the root of  broad scale change in field it touches.  Participating in those changes – and their benefits – requires first that countries around the world have access – starting with access to the most basic tools like the Internet and broadband, high-speed communications.  The World Economic Forum has assembled a detailed look – country by country – of the quality of their Internet and communications technology.  The report is free and and very accessible.  If you are interested in this field – the report will provie a wide range of detail for your analysis.

The Global Information Technology Report 2014  (The report is free and downloadable in print and PDF.)

Thanks to Chuck Coutellier for this link!

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