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Forum:  April 17  - -  Topic:  Critical Thinking

For discussion: Topic:  Fellow futurist and professional educator Chuck Crawford will lead a discussion on his work with critical thinking.  (Read Nexus of Critical Thinking and Decision-Making and Critical Thinking and Evaluation Framework.)

As a high school science teacher who often shares clips such as this  – Reinvent the Toilet | India | #Toilets4All –  he is firmly entrenched in the development of processes that his students use, not merely content.  “In order for us to be able to solve the problems that we are faced with locally, regionally, and globally, we need to be able to rethink the processes that are in place.  And we need to instill the ability for students to think critically.” Crawford said as he shared his framework of critical thinking which he calls his Four Cs – Characterize, Classify, Compare and Communicate – and believes his framework can be applied to any subject matter, not just science.

When Crawford is asked what it is that he does for a living he will often responds with “I corrupt young minds.”  He claims that this is a conversation starter and after hearing him talk about his profession you will understand the passion he has for helping students develop critical thinking.  “If you teach them to think, the content will automatically follow and students will be better prepared to enter into whatever it is they want to after high school,” Crawford said.  But how is it assessed is always the difficulty.  He has a methodology that he believes works that is not based on the content.

Crawford has been working on for the last several years and will be seeking input on how to develop it into a more robust platform.  For the first time, he has tried to write down his process and how he uses this Framework for Critical Thinking: A Corruptive Approach in his classroom to prepare the future generation.  It is available as a pdf and in an iBook format.

Chuck Crawford has been teaching since 1998.  He has a B.S. from Findlay University and an M.S. in classroom technology from Bowling Green State University.  See more at this post in the Columbus Futurist’s blog.

We look forward to seeing you and pursuing a unique discussion at this meeting of the Columbus Futurists!

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Be sure to check out the latest suggestion contributed by CF member Chuck Coutellier – “The economist’s guide to the future” – a book review in FT Magazine (caution: The Financial Times seems to amuse themselves by making access to their content by non-subscribers difficult.  If this link fails, try Googling the title with “Financial Times.”)  Thanks for the tip, Chuck!

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Scheduled meetings for 2013 – 2014  (all meetings meet 6:30-8:30 at the Panera Bread Co. community room,875 Bethel Road):

  • March 20 -Topic: Social Entrepreneurism -
  • April 17 - Topic: Member Chuck Crawford on a model for Critical Thinking
  • May 22 - Topic: Convener David Staley on a new curriculum for the college level: David Staley is developing the blueprint for a new kind of liberal arts college, one based on student mastery of seven broad intellectual skills that also align to the expressed demands of employers.  After a short presentation establishing the framework for the proposed college, the assembled group will brainstorm ideas for the curriculum, making specific recommendations for the kinds of exercises and projects students would engage in to demonstrate mastery of each of the skills.
  • June 19 - Topic: tbd
  • July 24 - Topic: tbd
  • August 21 - Topic: tbd
  • Sept 25 - Topic: tbd
  • Oct 23 - Topic: tbd
  • Nov 20 - Topic: tbd
  • Dec 18 - Topic: tbd
  • Jan 22, 2015 - Topic: tbd

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