On Machine Ethics

The most recent meeting of Columbus Futurists delved into the topic of IBM’s trivia-savvy supercomputer Watson and his most recent performance on Jeopardy. Some of the discussion had to do with the thorny issue of machine ethics, based on the very human fears that machines may become intelligent in unintended ways and make ethical decisionsContinue reading “On Machine Ethics”

The Forgotten Question: Why?

Over the years, I’ve reviewed a couple of hundred long-term and annual business plans and a few dozen proposals for new products or projects. These business plans almost inevitably followed the cookbook approach you would find in any modern business school curriculum: a review of past and recent financial results; a simplistic SWOT analysis thatContinue reading “The Forgotten Question: Why?”

The New Model Revolution for 2011

As I watched and listened to events unfolding in Egypt the last three weeks , I had a nagging feeling that there was something new here, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Then it occurred to me.  Like a twist in a detective story, I realized that – for a million people inContinue reading “The New Model Revolution for 2011”

Even “innovation” is a 2-edged sword in a quest for growth

The TechColumbus Innovation Awards last week give us yet another opportunity to praise the innovators in our culture.  Seems like our entire economy hinges on innovation – and particularly new ideas and new companies in the high tech sector. But there are some who are questioning the actual track record of innovation – as we know it – inContinue reading “Even “innovation” is a 2-edged sword in a quest for growth”