Futurists Forum – Fukushima disaster explanation enlightening

The Forum held on May 26 was well received by the 15-20 attendees.  Thanks to Dr. Gordon Aubrecht of OSU for a thorough explanation of the events and the implications of the disaster with the Japanese Fukushima  nuclear power plants after the earthquake and tsunami in March.  Understanding the mechanics of what happened can help everyone understandContinue reading “Futurists Forum – Fukushima disaster explanation enlightening”

May Forum: Future of Nuclear Power after Fukushima Dai-chi

The May Forum (May 26) of the Columbus Futurists will feature a presentation and discussion lead by Gordon Aubrecht, of the Ohio State University on the topic: “The Future of Nuclear Power after Fukushima Dai-ichi.”  Dr. Aubrecht is a recognized expert on the subject, and we look forward to a definitive description of the situation on theContinue reading “May Forum: Future of Nuclear Power after Fukushima Dai-chi”

April Forum: Are America’s best days behind us?

The Columbus Futurists met on Thursday April 28, and discussed Fareed Zakaria’s article “Are America’s Best Days Behind Us?” (Newsweek, March 3, 2011).  One of the largest groups in recent times attended, and a lively discussion touched on key issues in the article, including: What is the definition of “best”?  Are we in a detectableContinue reading “April Forum: Are America’s best days behind us?”