Critical Thinking – April 2014 Meeting

Fellow futurist and professional educator Chuck Crawford will lead a discussion on his work with critical thinking.  (Read Nexus of Critical Thinking and Decision-Making and Critical Thinking and Evaluation Framework.) As a high school science teacher who often shares clips such as this  – Reinvent the Toilet | India | #Toilets4All –  he is firmly entrenched in the development ofContinue reading “Critical Thinking – April 2014 Meeting”

Social Entrepreneurism

Our March discussion topic was Social Entrepreneurism.  Is “social good” a sustainable business goal, alongside profit?  Can the two co-exist, or thrive?  From micro-banking to social service, from non-profits to “privatization” – ideas are struggling to take form and emerge as new business models, and opportunities for emerging societies, and socially-conscious capitalists.  This meeting andContinue reading “Social Entrepreneurism”