The Future of the Home – November 2014

The topic for the meeting of the Columbus Futurists for November 20 is the Future of the Home.

We know that many social changes are radically changing traditional definitions of family and other social units.  But is technology changing the nature of the physical space we call “home” as well?  A smart thermostat like Nest, smart lighting and control systems, smart meters for utilities – all contribute to new ways to consider home personalization and management.

Here are a handful of resources that will serve as the foundation of this discussion – If you find other resources you think the group will want to be aware of – please add them as comment:

As one large component of the “Internet of things” – how will these devices and the ideas that emerge following them, further shape “home” – a we currently know it?  We look forward to seeing you at the meeting in November!

— Rich Bowers

The Future of Television – October 2014

The topic for the meeting of the Columbus Futurists for October 23 is the Future of Television.  Television – with it’s ability to broadcast visuals and audio – basically combining all other forms of media created to date – may be the most impactive communications medium in the history of mankind.

There are many thoughtful articles exploring the evolution of TV, but we will base our discussion on these pieces, as a starting point:

Few people are neutral about the importance of television, or the direction of its development.  We look forward to a lively discussion!

– Rich Bowers