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Forum: February 22, 2018

Topic: The Future Without Net Neutrality

One of the most controversial issues in recent years has been that of net neutrality.  It is a nexus where business meets technology in the marketplace with intimate impact on Internet users.  And that business has come to impact practically every Internet user in the United States, and around the world

We will be joined by guest speaker Dan Rockwell, CEO of Big Kitty Labs, who will help clarify the issue.

In the last year of the Obama administration, net neutrality provisions were enacted in regulations and codes that controlled the behavior of Internet providers (such as the likes of Verizon and AT&T).  These regulations prohibit throttling/controlling the speed of content delivery for cost reasons.  The providers could not, for example, increase the cost of delivery to Netflix, because they were perceived as a content provider who could be convinced to pay, a specific target of a price increase.

Late last year, the Trump Administration reversed this policy – and removed the rules and regs – enabling Internet speeds to by throttled by service providers, based the perceived value of the content being delivered. If you want to see your Netflix movie bad enough, you will certainly be willing to pay more for it.

Such instability in pricing is claimed – by some – to have the potential to bring havoc to Internet markets.  These people claim that it is the lowest pricing that makes markets, and has made Internet streaming and commerce the success it.  The US already lags behind many other countries in the world – ranked 10th and lower in some tests.

It can be a difficult question to understand and will have impacts about which we can only speculate.  So this discussion may help fill in some gaps.  And just for fun – Burger King has created an advertisement which creates a very close analogy to explain the problem.

Another great discussion in an exciting agenda emerging for our meetings this year. Hope to see you on February 22nd!

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