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Futures Salon: “Trust and Reputation in the Platform Gig Economy”

We begin with a brief introduction of Andrew Marley, who will be covering some of the concepts which appeared in his Masters work. We look forward to hearing about this applied anthropology! As a brief definition… Platform = things like TaskRabbit or UpWork, and while not the exact definition, is how it is commonly used.Continue reading “Futures Salon: “Trust and Reputation in the Platform Gig Economy””

Futures Salon: “STEEP predictions for 2021”

Our theme for the evening is “STEEP predictions for 2021.”  Society, Technology, Economics, Environment/Energy(Geo), Politics We start with casual conversation on the hopes that in the coming years we will be able to develop as a nation which more readily embraces kindness and reason. We expect that increased communication and collaboration in a global senseContinue reading “Futures Salon: “STEEP predictions for 2021””

Salon notice: STEEP predictions for 2021

The next Columbus Futurists monthly forum will be Tuesday December 8 at 6:30 pm (eastern). Our theme for the evening will be “STEEP predictions for 2021.”  Come ready to share your predictions for the year 2021 across the dimensions of: Society, Technology, Economics, Environment/Energy(Geo), Politics I’ll also ask you to assess the probability of each prediction as well.Continue reading “Salon notice: STEEP predictions for 2021”

NEXT: Zoom Globalization

A curious phenomenon has been happening at our CreativeMornings Columbus event series. Ever since we moved into Zoom, a number of people from outside Columbus have been attending our events. We’ve had participants from Detroit and New York, but also from Mexico City and Stockholm as well. In May, I hosted a design event overContinue reading “NEXT: Zoom Globalization”


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