NEXT: The Politics of Trees

Two notable events in the news the past few days involved our stewardship of trees. Jair Bolsonaro, the president of Brazil, fired the Director-General of his country’s National Institute for Space Research because the agency revealed that deforestation of the Brazilian Amazon rainforest has increased dramatically. Since Bolsonaro took office in January 2019, there hasContinue reading “NEXT: The Politics of Trees”

NEXT: Can We Gauge Social Mood?

In the iconic graphic novel The Watchmen, the evil genius Adrian Veidt gazes at a wall of scores of television screens, each tuned to the world’s media, news reports, entertainment. (This is set in the 1980s, don’t forget.) As Veidt scans all the visual chatter, his mind sees patterns across the screens. At one pointContinue reading “NEXT: Can We Gauge Social Mood?”

NEXT: The Labor Force’s Cognitive Divide

Almost as soon as the World Wide Web was unleashed in the early 1990s, commentators began to talk about a “digital divide.” This was a reference to the regional and socioeconomic differences in access, speed and technical capacity for using the Web. Rural areas, for example, were identified as one area where this digital divideContinue reading “NEXT: The Labor Force’s Cognitive Divide”

NEXT: Why I am a Futurist

I was reading a book the other day by a pioneer in artificial intelligence, and came upon a passage that just floored me. He was describing the potential risks of developing artificial intelligence, and the concerns some have expressed about the threat artificial intelligence poses to humanity. “This is not the first time an emergentContinue reading “NEXT: Why I am a Futurist”

NEXT: Will Artificial Intelligence Have Civil Rights?

I have written before about the Luddites and how autonomous intelligence might unleash a neo-Luddite movement. It would appear that day may have indeed arrived. There are reports from Arizona that autonomous vehicles are being vandalized. Since 2017, there have been almost two dozen acts of sabotage against driverless vehicles operated by Waymo in theContinue reading “NEXT: Will Artificial Intelligence Have Civil Rights?”

NEXT: The Future of Mobility

When we use the word “mobility” today, we are talking about the infrastructure for moving people around in the world. Much of the talk about mobility, especially in Columbus, has to do with autonomous vehicles and the role they will be playing in how we move from place to place. But scooters, bicycles, light rail,Continue reading “NEXT: The Future of Mobility”

NEXT: The New Corporate University

The Economist reports that “American companies spent $91 billion on staff training last year, almost a third as much again as they did in 2016…This shift is highly encouraging. In broad terms, provision of on-the-job training has been shrinking.” Perhaps one reason companies shirk on training is because they expect new hires to arrive withContinue reading “NEXT: The New Corporate University”