May Book Circle: Managing the Future

The monthly Book Circle of the Columbus Futurists will be reading and discussing local futurist Stephen Millett’s soon-to-be-published book, Managing the Future.  The current draft of the book is available online.  The group meets this month  on May 19, at Panera Bread Co., 875 Bethel Rd., 7:00 – 8:30 pm.

— Rich Bowers

One thought on “May Book Circle: Managing the Future

  1. Steve—wrt your “Futuring Principle 1: The future will be some unknown combination of continuity and change”. Wasn’t it some old Greek Taoist student of Husserl (!) who said “you can’t jump into the same river twice”? I still question your ontology, as far as i understand it. And i think instead that “change [itself] is the order of the universe.”

    As i see it, your statement casts “continuity” and “change” as mutually exclusive categories; if i am right in that observation, then the river runs over your taxonomy. Husserl’s “long duree” means that only subjectivity creates beginnings and ends of time periods which must subsequently be reified linguistically to allow for things that are posited as being “out there” for comparison, toward the purpose of “determining” whether change has occurred, and if so, whether it occurred with continuity or with discontinuity.

    I realize that you are NOT claiming that “The future will be some unknown combination of stability and change”. I just can’t see how you would distinguish slow “change” from “continuity’ in a way that leaves conceptual elbow room for other than arbitrary specification of what could then be counted as “discontinuous change”.

    There is also a question of the usefulness of your “Futuring Principal #1” acknowledging that “The future will be some unknown combination of [your two categories]”. I don’t see the value of a rule that tells me that the “mix” can’t be known-other than as general counsel against acting from hubris. Please note that my “change is the order of the universe” escapes that critique.

    I’ll leave the last word to the Taoist, from the first line of the _Tao Te Ching_: “The Tao that is spoken is not the true Tao.”

    Written and submitted with respect

    Bob Letcher

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