Salon notice: The Future of the Office

Our next Columbus Futurists monthly forum, which will be Tuesday January 12 at 6:30 PM (eastern) on Zoom.  Our topic for the evening will be “The Future of the Office,” and I am delighted to announce that we will be joined that evening by Nikki Wildman, Associate Principal with DesignGroup.    Here is a link toContinue reading “Salon notice: The Future of the Office”

Salon notice: STEEP predictions for 2021

The next Columbus Futurists monthly forum will be Tuesday December 8 at 6:30 pm (eastern). Our theme for the evening will be “STEEP predictions for 2021.”  Come ready to share your predictions for the year 2021 across the dimensions of: Society, Technology, Economics, Environment/Energy(Geo), Politics I’ll also ask you to assess the probability of each prediction as well.Continue reading “Salon notice: STEEP predictions for 2021”

Salon notice: The End of Permissionless Innovation

The next Columbus Futurists monthly forum will be Tuesday November 10 at 6:30 pm on Zoom. Our topic of discussion that evening will be “The End of Permissionless Innovation.”  We will base our discussion off this article from the Brookings Institute: The last 30 years in the United States have been marked by what hasContinue reading “Salon notice: The End of Permissionless Innovation”

Salon notice: “Predicting the Presidential Election”

The next Columbus Futurists monthly forum will be Tuesday October 6 at 6:30 PM on Zoom.  Our topic for the evening will be “Predicting the Presidential Election.” James Bach will return to share the results of the model some political scientists have used to predict the outcome of previous elections.  You may recall that James shared the results with us for the last three elections, and theContinue reading “Salon notice: “Predicting the Presidential Election””

Salon notice: “The Workforce of the Future”

The next Columbus Futurists monthly forum will be Tuesday, September 8 at 6:30 pm over Zoom.  Our topic for the evening’s discussion will be “The Workforce of the Future,” and will be based on the linked report from PWC.  The report details four scenarios for the future of work in 2030.  Part of what weContinue reading “Salon notice: “The Workforce of the Future””

Salon notice: “Does Globalization have a Future?”

The next Columbus Futurists monthly forum will be on Tuesday August 4 at 6:30PM over Zoom (please note the time change.  It has been suggested to me that an evening time slot might work better for many of you than a noon slot, in the middle of the work day).  Our theme for the nextContinue reading “Salon notice: “Does Globalization have a Future?””

Salon: “A Polymath University”

The next Columbus Futurists monthly forum will be Tuesday, July 7 at 12:00 noon via Zoom. The topic will be “A Polymath University.” I have been exploring the idea of nurturing an undergraduate “major” in polymathy, or as a generalist.  Here’s an article that gives some sense of what I mean: What if we gave studentsContinue reading “Salon: “A Polymath University””

Salon: “Conversations with Alexa”

The next Columbus Futurists monthly forum will be Tuesday, June 9 from 12:00-1:00 PM over Zoom.  The topic for this month is “Conversations with Alexa.” Voice recognition interfaces like Alexa and Siri will be the chief interface with the digital.  What are the implications of this shift away form keyboards and written text, when voiceContinue reading “Salon: “Conversations with Alexa””

June Forum: Crime and the Future

The June Forum (June 23) of the Columbus Futurists will feature a  discussion on the topic: “Crime and the Future: Can financial terrorism permanently impact the path to economic recovery?”  We have seen the impact of 9/11 and other terrorist events on commerce, travel, immigration and an array of other social functions.  Recently there have been questionsContinue reading “June Forum: Crime and the Future”