Salon notice: “How might we redesign public education?”

Please join us on Tuesday June 15 at 6:30pm for the next Columbus Futurists monthly forum.  We will conduct an idealized design exercise in answer to the question “How might we redesign public education?”  To prepare, please read this article, titled “Meet the school with no classes, no classrooms and no curriculum.”  We will determine what will need to happen for this school to become the template for public education in the United States.  

Idealized design is a process where we will imagine an ideal, blue sky scenario, and then work backward to determine what would need to occur or transpire for that idealized scenario to be realized.  In effect, we will “reverse engineer” the future.  

We are taking steps to secure a location for our first f-2-f gathering, possibly for next month.  But once again for this month we will be meeting via Zoom.

Please email for Zoom information or with any questions.

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