Salon notice: “The Privacy Ring”

The next Columbus Futurists monthly forum will be Tuesday April 6 at 6:30 PM over Zoom.

Our topic for the evening will be “The Privacy Ring.”  We will be considering the future effects and implications of the concept design for the Me.Ring.  

Me.Ring is basically a connected switch that you wear on your finger. When you’re open to your data being collected (from your face, your location, or just about anything else you can imagine), you switch it on. When you want to stay anonymous, you switch it off. The ring is essentially an Incognito Mode for real life, a means to opt out of your actions being recorded and analyzed forever.

We will engage in a “futures wheel” process that will uncover future scenarios for the Me.Ring.  For background, please read this article before the meeting: 

Please join us for what will certainly be an engaging workshop.

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