Futures Salon: “Trends in Architecture”

Our topic for the evening will be “Trends in Architecture,” a presentation led by Mark Bryan of M+A Architects.  In the wake of the pandemic, M+A Architects took a look at the future of their industry and profession. They looked at what changes they will potentially see in the next 10 years and what that means for space and their practice. We look forward to hearing more!

Mark Bryan joins us from his position incorporating foresight at M+A Architects. They are a certified futurist, working to address the future needs of clients and architecture, particularity within their adaptation to their predictions for the future of architecture and foresight related to COVID-19.

M+A Architects currently offers foresight opportunities, whitepapers, trend forecasting, multi-generational charrettes (brainstorming ideas that are outside of the box that resolve solutions), and a workplace stressors survey. This trending and forecasting prediction allows for them to predict what 2030 looks like the future of architecture and design.

When forecasting, you have to be careful of the Zeitgiest Bias Syndrome. While these predictions do not necessary relate to this, care must be placed in how these insights are come to. Signals and drivers define this approach. Drivers such as climate change can impact symbols such as the younger generation adapting to more climate friendly practices.

One of the layers that is incorporated into these forecasts is the “new neutrals” where colors previously assigned to gender norms such as pink and blue may become the new neutral palette.

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