Futures Salon: The Future of Nuclear Energy

For tonight’s discussion, we are using the following articles as reference: https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-021-02459-w https://bostonreview.net/science-nature/samuel-miller-mcdonald-nuclear-power-our-best-bet-against-climate-change We being this conversation with a large group of engineers. So where to start? With nuclear as a whole? Or perhaps with thorium reactors directly? How viable are thorium reactors in general? Thorium reactors have the potential to solve a strange “fear”Continue reading “Futures Salon: The Future of Nuclear Energy”

Futures Salon: Resolved: Millennials will not have the experience of a retirement

Our discussion topic for this evening will be “Resolved: Millennials will not have the experience of a retirement.” We used the following source as a guide for this discussion: https://money.com/future-of-retirement-experts/ The Resolution is proposed: Millennials will not have the experience of a retirement. Four votes in yes. Three votes in no. Three abstain. A generalContinue reading “Futures Salon: Resolved: Millennials will not have the experience of a retirement”

Futures Salon: “The Privacy Ring”

Our topic will be “The Privacy Ring.”  We will be considering the future effects and implications of the concept design for the Me.Ring. Me.Ring is basically a connected switch that you wear on your finger. When you’re open to your data being collected (from your face, your location, or just about anything else you canContinue reading “Futures Salon: “The Privacy Ring””

Futures Salon: “Trends in Architecture”

Our topic for the evening will be “Trends in Architecture,” a presentation led by Mark Bryan of M+A Architects.  In the wake of the pandemic, M+A Architects took a look at the future of their industry and profession. They looked at what changes they will potentially see in the next 10 years and what that means for spaceContinue reading “Futures Salon: “Trends in Architecture””

Futures Salon: “Trust and Reputation in the Platform Gig Economy”

We begin with a brief introduction of Andrew Marley, who will be covering some of the concepts which appeared in his Masters work. We look forward to hearing about this applied anthropology! As a brief definition… Platform = things like TaskRabbit or UpWork, and while not the exact definition, is how it is commonly used.Continue reading “Futures Salon: “Trust and Reputation in the Platform Gig Economy””

Futures salon: The Future of the Office

We thank Nikki Wildman, Associate Principal with DesignGroup, for joining us this evening for a discussion on The Future of the Office. Before we get into the conversation, we engage in an interesting sidebar on how we will return to in-person interactions as well as the new limits on personal space may exist. “We allContinue reading “Futures salon: The Future of the Office”

Futures Salon: “STEEP predictions for 2021”

Our theme for the evening is “STEEP predictions for 2021.”  Society, Technology, Economics, Environment/Energy(Geo), Politics We start with casual conversation on the hopes that in the coming years we will be able to develop as a nation which more readily embraces kindness and reason. We expect that increased communication and collaboration in a global senseContinue reading “Futures Salon: “STEEP predictions for 2021””

Futures Salon: “Predicting the Presidential Election”

We open this evening’s salon, “Predicting the Presidential Election”, with group introductions as we have a nice collection of new members, the usual core, and members returning from previous years. This meeting represents our fourth conversation on these predictive models in political science. Will these models be able to predict this election in this tumultuousContinue reading “Futures Salon: “Predicting the Presidential Election””

Futures Salon: “The Workforce of the Future”

We return to our evening time slot to discuss the future of the workforce as outlined in a recent review by PwC’s global People and Organization: This review sets out to help envision the workforce in 2030, where the opposite forces of collectivist and individualism, as well as the contract between business fragmentation define fourContinue reading “Futures Salon: “The Workforce of the Future””

Futures Salon: “A Polymath University”

We start our discussion on university structure, flexibility, and capability here on July 7th with opening words from Dr. David Staley. If you would like to hear additional background for the following meeting notes, please check out his recent video through the Office of Research at The Ohio State University: The Future of the ResearchContinue reading “Futures Salon: “A Polymath University””