Futures Salon: “Conversations with Alexa”

We meet for our second digital lunch-hour format here on June 9th to discuss the future and implications of a voice command driven world. Dr. David Staley welcomes the group and begins moderating our discussion. We open with the question: “Will Alexa or similar vocal processing and response technology have the same impact as theContinue reading “Futures Salon: “Conversations with Alexa””

Futures Salon: “What’s next for Columbus after the pandemic?”

We open on May 6th, 2020, the first of many digital lunch-hour Futures Salons, with smiling familiar faces. Our topic for the day is the future for Columbus following the active COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. David Staley, Director of the Humanities Institute at The Ohio State University and President of the Columbus Futurists, welcomes the groupContinue reading “Futures Salon: “What’s next for Columbus after the pandemic?””

Current Reading – Redux

Columbus Futurist member Jerry Thomas responded to the call for “What are your reading” at the January meeting by offering a handout with a couple of pages of sources he has collected over time, including links, where appropriate. You can download this Word document here.  Right click on the live link (or Control + clickContinue reading “Current Reading – Redux”

Current Reading Covers A Broad Spectrum

The January meeting of Columbus Futurists celebrated the 10th anniversary of the local chapter – and elicited a spontaneous round of applause for David Staley, chapter president who initiated the chapter and has shepherded it ever since. The topic of discussion for the meeting was “What are you reading now?”   Everyone in the group offered atContinue reading “Current Reading Covers A Broad Spectrum”

April Forum: Are America’s best days behind us?

The Columbus Futurists met on Thursday April 28, and discussed Fareed Zakaria’s article “Are America’s Best Days Behind Us?” (Newsweek, March 3, 2011).  One of the largest groups in recent times attended, and a lively discussion touched on key issues in the article, including: What is the definition of “best”?  Are we in a detectableContinue reading “April Forum: Are America’s best days behind us?”

On Machine Ethics

The most recent meeting of Columbus Futurists delved into the topic of IBM’s trivia-savvy supercomputer Watson and his most recent performance on Jeopardy. Some of the discussion had to do with the thorny issue of machine ethics, based on the very human fears that machines may become intelligent in unintended ways and make ethical decisionsContinue reading “On Machine Ethics”