Current Reading Covers A Broad Spectrum

The January meeting of Columbus Futurists celebrated the 10th anniversary of the local chapter – and elicited a spontaneous round of applause for David Staley, chapter president who initiated the chapter and has shepherded it ever since.

The topic of discussion for the meeting was “What are you reading now?”   Everyone in the group offered at least one title on their current list, and some have more than one book going at any given time.  I made an effort to capture the titles, and present them here in no particular order.  I have also provided an embedded link to each title, so they are easy to find should you wish to follow-up.  For consistencies sake, each link – where available – goes to the printed book edition – but many do have electronic editions also, which are listed where they exist.

If anyone who was in attendance finds that I have omitted something – or somehow gotten it wrong – please add a comment here or send an email, and I will correct the list for posterity.

What are you reading now? – January 26, 2012:

Quite an eclectic list – and of course we would anticipate nothing less from this group!

We look forward to seeing the group again on Feb 23 (same location: Panera on Bethel Rd.), when we will be discussing “Are Freeways Doomed?

— Posted by Rich Bowers

One thought on “Current Reading Covers A Broad Spectrum

  1. Hi guys,

    Great to see my new book “25 Things You Need to Know About the Future” on your list. Just to note, it is published in both paperback and on the Kindle, though (for reasons my publisher cannot explain to me) the paperback is not currently being sold in the United States (though it can, I think, be ordered from Amazon Canada, UK, etc). A US paperback edition is anticipated! 🙂

    With Best Wishes and Happy Reading,


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