Book Circle News

The August 11 book is John Brockman’s collection of essays This Will Change Everything: Ideas that will shape the future.  We’ll meet at the Panera (875 Bethel Rd) for the last time for a while – at 7pm.

We are re-thinking some aspects of the Futurists’ Book Circle.  Attendance has been in decline and we are unsure if that’s a function of the book selections, the location, the frequency or some other characteristic.  So the plan is to make some changes and see how the members react.

Starting in August, we will meet quarterly.  Thereafter we will meet in November, February and May for the 2012 program year.  We are looking for another comfortable location – to be announced – along with the exact dates.

As always, suggestions for books to read and discuss are always welcome.

If you have an interest in re-setting the program, or suggesting titles or locations – please feel free to post your input here as comments, or email David directly.

— Rich Bowers

One thought on “Book Circle News

  1. Perhaps one contributing factor to the lower attendance, is that the location for the book circle meetings changes frequently. I tried to attend the August 11 book circle at the address shown above, but apparently the location was changed. I know it is difficult to find a regular location, so I’m not wanting to sound overly critical. I appreciate the efforts of those who try to coordinate this. However, perhaps if we opened the location question to the broader group, we might get some ideas for locations that could be more regular. Just a thought…

    In any case, I really enjoyed reading the book, and appreciated the suggestion to read it via the Columbus Futurists.

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