Lively meeting!

The meeting on Thursday was well attended and took some lively turns.  The topic was “Well-being in Ohio” and discussion was based on a survey conducted around the country to show the relative wellness, happiness and so forth for the US population at a quite granular level.  The Ohio report shows some interesting anomalies.  The discussion evolved to a consideration of happiness, satisfaction, acceptance – in general.  And how do you measure it – is it possible to measure quantitatively to suggest a meaningful scale?  And if we cannot find an adequate method of assessing these criteria – how can we know whether or not we are succeeding as a culture.  We have methods to determine if the economy is succeeding, but what can we know of the larger issues?

Everyone is looking forward to the next meeting, May 24, and the question: “How will we know / describe the Renaissance person of 2020?”

— Rich Bowers

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