Book Circle Title Announced

The Columbus Futurists’ Book Circle will take place at the November 29 meeting, at our regular location at the Community Room at Panera Bread.

David Staley has selected  The World in 2050: Four Forces Shaping Civilization’s Northern Future by Laurence C. Smith for discussion.  This book is “A vivid forecast of our planet in the year 2050 by a rising star in geoscience, distilling cutting-edge research into four global forces: demographic trends, natural resource demand, climate change, and globalization.” (Amazon)

As global climate change melts northern sea routes and access to undersea assets, the dynamics of world resources, and the wealth of northern tier nations becomes an evolving change in markets and trade – for the first time, really, in human history on the planet.  Other nations move forward with common understandings, while the US Congress waffles on planning and on the new “Law of the Sea” treaty that establishes world-wide protocols for exploration and annexation.  The book addresses issues many in the US do not yet know exist, much less do they harbor established opinions.  Promises to be a fun and lively discussion, for our last meeting of 2012!

Rich Bowers

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