Social Entrepreneurism

Our March discussion topic was Social Entrepreneurism.  Is “social good” a sustainable business goal, alongside profit?  Can the two co-exist, or thrive?  From micro-banking to social service, from non-profits to “privatization” – ideas are struggling to take form and emerge as new business models, and opportunities for emerging societies, and socially-conscious capitalists.  This meeting and discussion will take place two days before the latest APTE (Alleviating Poverty Through Entrepreneurship Summit) on the Ohio state campus (registration is free).

Is social entrepreneurism really a new model, a new idea?  Here’s a general definition.  Maybe it is simply an additional consideration for the traditional business of capitalism.  Perhaps it is different enough to require new kinds of accounting and investing structures, like the “B” corporation (taking its place next to the S corp, and other goals and organizational styles).  And now traditional charities – like foundations – can make “investments” that can drive and support social entrepreneurship, mixing several old metaphors.

These links courtesy of Tony Wells, of the Wells Foundation, a local investor in a variety of social enterprises and non-profits. And here is a broad knowledge base of related and similar ideas.

It is doubtful anyone will read all this material, but the conversation resulting from the varying readings and interests of our members, will prove interesting indeed.

We look forward to seeing you and pursuing a unique discussion at this meeting of the Columbus Futurists!

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