Salon notice: “Does Globalization have a Future?”

The next Columbus Futurists monthly forum will be on Tuesday August 4 at 6:30PM over Zoom (please note the time change.  It has been suggested to me that an evening time slot might work better for many of you than a noon slot, in the middle of the work day).  Our theme for the next forum will be “Does Globalization have a Future?”

Even before the COVID-19 crisis, there were rumblings that the global economic order first established thirty years ago at the end of the Cold War was unraveling. Global competition between the US and China indicated that separate economic spheres of influence were emerging; concerns about the hold China seemed to have over supply chains have led some to wonder whether or not globalization has a future. COVID-19 has laid bare the consequences of global linkages and connections. If globalization is no more, then what comes after? With what implications?


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