“Is Google Making us Stupid?” A Deep History and Future of the Internet

David Staley, convener of Columbus Futurists, delivered an upbeat and thought-provoking presentation to The Clio Society recently.  The premise is a variation on a theme raised a few years ago by author Nicholas Carr, in his book Is Google Making Us Stupid?  This video of Staley’s talk is a compelling combination of quotes, history, examples and unique interpretations that will cause you to consider: what does the Internet really mean – to myself personally, and to culture as a whole?

The Clio Society is a group of people interested in the recovery, interpretation and implications of history – in a wide variety of forms and purpose.  A function of the History Department at The Ohio State university, attendance in meetings is free and open to all.

Is Google Making Us Stupid? A Deep History and Future of the Internet, lecture by David Staley, The Clio Society, The Ohio State University, 10/28/2014

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