Sneak Preview Of American Ways, a new book by Steve Millett

Columbus Futurists founding member Steve Millett is in the process of completing a new book, American Ways: A Behavioral History of the United States with Expectations for the Future.

As in the past, Steve is sharing some early thoughts and edits, and soliciting feedback from other member of the Futurists. On November 19, he will discuss the project, and members will have an opportunity to weigh in with their thoughts.  A couple of documents are available for download to give readers some idea about the direction.  See the abstract, and presentation slides.

Update – 10-22 – Steve has offered an additional reading from the book:  Is the American Dream Dead?  Four Scenarios for Opportunities in the United States to 2035.  Provided to advance discussion at the November event.

Here’s Steve’s summary:

The book asserts that history is the story of repeating patterns of human behavior and that Americans have shown remarkably consistent modes of behavior at the macro-level of national experiences.

Such trends include:

  • a heavy emphasis on individual merits, rights, and initiative;
  • the pleasures of joining private communities while often resenting public communities;
  • the deft ability to match high ideals with material self-interests;
  • settling disputes peacefully by agreed-upon processes (legal, political, etc.);
  • making major compromises to avoid violence and reconciliations after major incidents of violence; and
  • making the world safe for Americans.

In addition, the final chapter of the book provides a list of major challenges facing Americans in the 21st century and how American behavioral trends will likely play out in the future.

Steve’s most recent book  – Managing the Future: A Guide to Forecasting and Strategic Planning in the 21st Century – has received considerable acclaim.  No less can be expected from this new venture.  We welcome members and visitors, prospective members on November 19, 2015, at Panera Bread Company, (6:30 at the community room, 875 Bethel Road, Columbus OH).

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