GeoEngineering – Can we Construct Our Future?

Some scientists claim that there are procedures or “hacks” we might engineer that could help reverse the effects of climate change.  Will these planetary hacks be effective?  Or will they cause more harm that will also have to be off-set?  Haven’t we done enough to the planet without subjecting it to further interventions?

Here’s a brief article David Staley – convener of Columbus Futurists – wrote in late 2016 to start the conversation:  NEXT: Can we “Hack the Planet” to Counter Climate Change?

And, like most aspects of climate change, there are controversies.  Should we take any action?  What options should we consider? Here are some additional articles that explore, pros, cons and in-betweens on this issue:

And be sure to look closely at the last item – not everything is what it seems – especially on the Internet.  And especially these days.  We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting of the Columbus Futurists!

— Rich Bowers

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