January 19, 2017 – Gene editing and the future of CRISPR

Meeting Announcement

Forum: January 19, 2017

Topic: Gene editing and the future of CRISPR

CRISPR-Cas9 is a technique that allows scientists to isolate the segment of genes they want to alter, then uses the Cas9 protein as a kind of “cutting tool” or scalpel to remove the section we want. The technique then inserts the desired gene sequence. It has been somewhat whimsically called a kind of “find-and-replace” for genes.  CRISPR will have effects on everything from the treatment of diseases to the manufacture of drought resistant crops. Some researchers — and many ethicists — are also warning that gene editing tools have the potential to create evolutionary-scale changes to entire species.

Check out these resources for background for the discussion:

An exciting agenda is emerging for our meetings this year.

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