2016 Forecasts – January meeting of the Columbus Futurists

We are trying something a little different for our first Columbus Futurists meeting of the new year.  There are 3 sections below: The Idea; Background; To Do Initial participants and their forecasts are shown in the spreadsheet (pdf) linked here and below. The Idea Some of us have recently read Philip Tetlock’s new book, Superforecasting: The ArtContinue reading “2016 Forecasts – January meeting of the Columbus Futurists”

Where is my flying car and my anti-gravity boots??

The Challenge of Science Fiction: “Where is my flying car and my anti-gravity boots??” Guest speaker Maura Heaphy is a senior lecturer at OSU, teaching a course in science fiction called “Flying Cars and Anti-gravity Boots? Where is the Future Science Fiction promised us?”  See a powerpoint of the presentation here! As the course is described, “WithinContinue reading “Where is my flying car and my anti-gravity boots??”

Sneak Preview Of American Ways, a new book by Steve Millett

Columbus Futurists founding member Steve Millett is in the process of completing a new book, American Ways: A Behavioral History of the United States with Expectations for the Future. As in the past, Steve is sharing some early thoughts and edits, and soliciting feedback from other member of the Futurists. On November 19, he willContinue reading “Sneak Preview Of American Ways, a new book by Steve Millett”

“Is Google Making us Stupid?” A Deep History and Future of the Internet

David Staley, convener of Columbus Futurists, delivered an upbeat and thought-provoking presentation to The Clio Society recently.  The premise is a variation on a theme raised a few years ago by author Nicholas Carr, in his book Is Google Making Us Stupid?  This video of Staley’s talk is a compelling combination of quotes, history, examples and unique interpretations that willContinue reading ““Is Google Making us Stupid?” A Deep History and Future of the Internet”

The Future of the Home – November 2014

The topic for the meeting of the Columbus Futurists for November 20 is the Future of the Home. We know that many social changes are radically changing traditional definitions of family and other social units.  But is technology changing the nature of the physical space we call “home” as well?  A smart thermostat like Nest,Continue reading “The Future of the Home – November 2014”

The Future of Television – October 2014

The topic for the meeting of the Columbus Futurists for October 23 is the Future of Television.  Television – with it’s ability to broadcast visuals and audio – basically combining all other forms of media created to date – may be the most impactive communications medium in the history of mankind. There are many thoughtfulContinue reading “The Future of Television – October 2014”

Critical Thinking – April 2014 Meeting

Fellow futurist and professional educator Chuck Crawford will lead a discussion on his work with critical thinking.  (Read Nexus of Critical Thinking and Decision-Making and Critical Thinking and Evaluation Framework.) As a high school science teacher who often shares clips such as this  – Reinvent the Toilet | India | #Toilets4All –  he is firmly entrenched in the development ofContinue reading “Critical Thinking – April 2014 Meeting”

Social Entrepreneurism

Our March discussion topic was Social Entrepreneurism.  Is “social good” a sustainable business goal, alongside profit?  Can the two co-exist, or thrive?  From micro-banking to social service, from non-profits to “privatization” – ideas are struggling to take form and emerge as new business models, and opportunities for emerging societies, and socially-conscious capitalists.  This meeting andContinue reading “Social Entrepreneurism”

Knowledge Works at December Meeting

Katherine Prince, Senior Director of Strategic Foresight for the Knowledge Works Foundation, discussed their recent report, Recombinant Education: Regenerating the Learning Ecosystem at our December meeting.  The study and the resulting report, along with the accompanying infographic summarizing the key points – was the focal point of a lively discussion about the future of educationContinue reading “Knowledge Works at December Meeting”

Are American Drivers Driving Less?

Columbus Futurist member Chuck Coutellier has found an interesting review of driving habits across the country.  Moving Off the Road in pdf form can be viewed/downloaded here.  This nicely supplements discussions at Columbus Futurists in August about driverless cars, and other conversations at Universitas on topics related to public transportation. — Rich Bowers