Current Reading Covers A Broad Spectrum

The January meeting of Columbus Futurists celebrated the 10th anniversary of the local chapter – and elicited a spontaneous round of applause for David Staley, chapter president who initiated the chapter and has shepherded it ever since. The topic of discussion for the meeting was “What are you reading now?”   Everyone in the group offered atContinue reading “Current Reading Covers A Broad Spectrum”

2012 Meeting Schedule Announced

Columbus Futurists president David Staley has announced the meeting schedule for the first half of 2012 for Columbus Futurists: January 26, the 10th anniversary meeting of Columbus Futurists, the topic is:  “What are you reading right now?” February 23:  “Are freeways doomed?” March 22:  “Real-life Jedi: Pushing the limits of mind-control.” April 26:  “Well-being inContinue reading “2012 Meeting Schedule Announced”

Steve Millett publishes “Managing the Future”

Columbus Futurist founding member Steve Millett has announced the publication of his new book, Managing the Future: A Guide to Forecasting and Strategic Planning in the 21st Century, by Triarchy Press.   He has been working on the book for the last four years and has shared drafts with Columbus Futurists.  He greatly appreciates allContinue reading “Steve Millett publishes “Managing the Future””

The Future of Business Education?

Ross Wirth, Dean of the College of Business at Franklin University is looking for a few good ideas.  He has undertaken to figure out what the future of business eduction – specifically the MBA program – will be so that he can begin designing program that will meet the need of our business community inContinue reading “The Future of Business Education?”

Book Circle – Michio Kaku – November, 2011

The Columbus futurist’s Book Circle selection for November 2011  (date still TBD) is Michio Kaku’s Physics of the Future: How Science Will Shape Human Destiny and Our Daily Lives by the Year 2100.  Kaku is a respected popularizer of science these days, and is seen frequently around the cable networks.  I thought I would add aContinue reading “Book Circle – Michio Kaku – November, 2011”

Reimagining Capitalism

August Discussion for Columbus Futurists In June we discussed financial terrorism and the impact of bad actors on the economy and influencing future policies and actions.  We concluded that the closer you got to the details of capitalism and the way it worked – the more questions emerged about what capitalism means and how it really functions. Continue reading “Reimagining Capitalism”

June Forum: Crime and the Future

The June Forum (June 23) of the Columbus Futurists will feature a  discussion on the topic: “Crime and the Future: Can financial terrorism permanently impact the path to economic recovery?”  We have seen the impact of 9/11 and other terrorist events on commerce, travel, immigration and an array of other social functions.  Recently there have been questionsContinue reading “June Forum: Crime and the Future”

June Book Circle: Future Shock Redux

The monthly Book Circle of the Columbus Futurists – June 16 – will be reading and discussing Alvin Toffler’s classic Future Shock, now just over 40 years since publication.  How did Toffler do?  Was the future as “shocking” as we expected?  Also note David Grant’s blog entry on the subject.   The group meets this timeContinue reading “June Book Circle: Future Shock Redux”

Futurists Forum – Fukushima disaster explanation enlightening

The Forum held on May 26 was well received by the 15-20 attendees.  Thanks to Dr. Gordon Aubrecht of OSU for a thorough explanation of the events and the implications of the disaster with the Japanese Fukushima  nuclear power plants after the earthquake and tsunami in March.  Understanding the mechanics of what happened can help everyone understandContinue reading “Futurists Forum – Fukushima disaster explanation enlightening”